A family business since 1905

The Rizek’s are cocoa growers, processors and exporters. Rizek Cacao S.A.S. processes and exports organically grown cocoa (both NOP and EU) which is also certified according to the UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and USA Faitrade standards.

Our History Corporate Philosophy

Our Products

  • H.S.S.1 (Hispaniola Superior Selecto 1)Bean count: max 85-90 beans per 100g

  • H.S.S.2 (Hispaniola Superior Selecto 2)
 Bean count: max 95 -100 beans per 100g
  • H.S.P.S. (Hispaniola Superior Plantacion Selecta) 
Cocoa from a selected Rizek plantation
  • H.S.O. (Hispaniola Superior Organico)
 Hispaniola prepared with organic cocoa beans
Hispaniola CE.T.I.COCustomized preparations 
according to client 

Customized Cocoa Products

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Cacao in the Dominican Republic

Innovation & Processing

CE.T.I.CO CETICO stands for Centre for the Integral Transformation of Cocoa. These are unique facilities conceived by Rizek to produce the best, distinctive cocoa from wet beans.

All CETICO centres share:

  • Exclusive methods and equipment for fermentation and drying.
  • Microbiological controls.
  • Highly qualified professionals.
  • Sensorial panel.

Our Farms

Most of Rizek’s 35 plantations are located to the north in the Duarte province. Traceability: use of tailor made software, identified bags and GPS. Estate grown, certified, tailor made cocoa.

Our Plantations

The Plantations

  • Laguan de Coto
  • Esmeralda-García Jímenez
  • Buena Vista
  • Palmeritos 2
  • Los Ancones
  • Los Guayullos
  • Los Cafés
  • Los Molinillos
  • Río Jagua
  • Los Callejones
  • El Ramonal
  • Cuesta de los Mena
  • Camino al Ramonal
  • La Gaza
  • Las Berenjenas
  • Las Lagunas
  • Loma Vieja
  • El Rincón
  • San Rafael
  • San Felipe
  • Tireo
  • La Mesa
  • Comedero
  • El Firme
  • Arroyo los Pájaros
  • La Jaigua
  • Las Zarpas
  • La Quebradita
  • Guiza
  • Ramonal #3
  • Cacao y Coco de Castillo
  • Miguel Nuñez
  • Los Indios del Factor
  • Arroyo los Pájaros
  • El Indio

Denominations of origin

Two newly established official Denominations of origin where a limited number of highly trained farmers produce distinctive beans.

  • 86 farms
  • 63 farmers
  • 683 Ha
  • 445 Mt per year
  • 129 farms
  • 69 farmers
  • 554 Ha
  • 310 MT per year

Social Responsibility

"We have been working together with our farmers and their families for three generations. It is our duty to share with them the progress and benefits that we have achieved together.”

Héctor José Rizek


How we conceive Cocoa

  • Promote

    We promote the selection of the best varieties available in the country by means of grafting and asexual reproduction. As a result, there are Rizek named clones that stand out for their yield and tasting qualities.

  • Discipline

    We believe that discipline in production protocols, is key to obtaining true quality.

  • Fermentation

    Fermentation and drying can be induced and controlled to a certain extent. This limit of control has to be pushed continuously further.

  • Microbiology

    Microbiology and biochemistry shed a meaningful light on the mystery of the creation of aromas. Knowledge makes the difference.

  • Certifications

    We believe in certifications not as simple endorsement of a compliance scheme, but because they represent a true commitment to a system of values and practices that are crucial to the sustainability of the cocoa sector.


We believe in certifications not as simple endorsement of a compliance scheme, but because they represent a true commitment to a system of values and practices that are crucial to the sustainability of the cocoa sector.

A partner for true sustainability

Rizek's way

Research is the foundation of our culture of continous improvement; we invest time and resources to create new and more productive ways of doing things.

Denomination of Origin Create a deeper, but also clearer relationship among land, people and quality, this allow us to share added value with the community.

Relationships Are the very essence of strategy. One cannot implement a strategy by oneself. Relationships give direction and make projects possible.

Certifications Promote good agricultural practices, ethical-environmental responsability; labor laws, sustainability and traceability, and also create differentiation and value.

Tailor-Made Cocoa Is achieved by controlling and differentiating all steps of production and processing to create unique flavors.

A possible recipe for sustainability


with realism what must be improved.


professional farming techniques.


of new forms to create value.


instead of reactiing. Partnerships help.


the perception of cocoa as a market where farmers, at the most, are supposed to be "not poor".


  • 20 Marzo 2012

    Produzcamos más en el país: el cacao

    El cacao es uno de los cultivos o renglones donde podemos tener mayores y mejores expectativas de desarrollo de nuestra industria agroalimentaria y claro, de nuestra economía.


  • 19 Julio 2013

    La Fundación del Grupo Rizek forma cacaotaleros

    La Fundación para la Asistencia Social, Recuperación y Manejo Orgánico de Plantaciones Cacaotaleras (Fuparoca), que auspicia la empresa Rizek Cacao, C. por A., ofreció una jornada de capacitación a productores de Monte Plata y otros lugares del país para contribuir al mejoramiento de las plantaciones y sostenibilidad del sistema de producción del alimento.


  • 19 Julio 2013

    El cacao mejora la economía y la ecología

    E l gobierno del presidente Danilo Medina ha puesto mucho interés en el cultivo del cacao y al valor que los productores les puedan agregar para hacerlo más rentable, más productivo y más beneficioso para la protección de nuestros suelos de montañas, para la ecología en general y a la vez, de mayor beneficio para los agricultores que lo cultivan.